Eligibility Criteria
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  • Annual application process runs over 2-3 months starting 2020 (after West African Senior School Certificate Examination-WASSCE results are published)
  • Widely advertised and prestigiously positioned
  • 3 rounds of review and screening (i.e. application based on WASSCE score, essay assessment, and interview
  • 100% open application and online-only format (i.e. round 1 all online only)
  • Round 1 is managed exclusively by the US-based ‘applicant screening committee’ of the advisory board
  • Top applicants from round 1 to be shared with full board based on objective WASSCE test scores
  • Round 1 application process open to everyone and screened to select a maximum of top 25 applicants based on objective WASSCE test scores (score results will be verified and validated along with other criteria requirements, exception may be considered for far-out of town applicants)
  • Round 2 essay competition for top 25 applicants on topic related to health, women empowerment, gender equality/equity, overcoming adversity, perseverance, inner strength or related issues
  • Round 3 committee interviews of top 4 from essay competition based on:
    • Intellect and Competence, including validating essay submission content
    • Motivation to pursue/complete education, persevere/overcome challenges, and high ambitions
    • Demonstrable need, considering personal, family and financial circumstances